Search by Pattern

This search mode is an extended version of the search by letters. A pattern is a series of known letters in known positions with wildcard characters in the positions where the letters are not known.

The special wildcard characters provide additional search capabilities:


!!a = a.
!@ = $.

Wildcards can be inserted in any combination at any point in a search pattern. If there are few possible letters on the specific position in the word, these letters must be written in round brackets.

For example, (abcd)???(e$) finds: abase, agree, ahead, blood, blade etc.

This pattern can be written in other way: (a-d)???(e$). Dash between a and d means that letters from A to D can be used.

"Weight" of found words also can be considered in search process. User can define the precise "weight" value for word searching. Also user can define a set of unused letters that must be absent in found words.