Search by Syllables

This search mode allows to create words on the basis of syllable list defined by user. The syllables (letter combinations) are enumerated via commas, without blanks. Each syllable can be used once or few times for the word creating.

For example, for the list go, lo, mo, do, al, an, at, or the program will find: door, goal, loan, moan, orator.

The range of found words can be decreased using pattern (check box Use pattern). The special wildcard characters can be used in pattern: the character ? is used instead of one unknown letter, the character * is used instead of few letters, @ is used instead of any vowel, $ is used instead of any consonant letter, & is used instead of few vowels, # is used instead of few consonant letters, digits 0..9 are used instead of duplicate letters. The character ! changes the meaning of next symbol on opposite. If there are few possible letters on the specific position in the word, these letters must be written in round brackets.

"Weight" of found words also can be considered in search process. User can define the precise "weight" value for word searching.