Battleships (also known as "Solitaire Battleships", "Battleship Solitaire") is a logic puzzle based on the Battleships guessing game. In a square grid of 10 x 10 small squares, an armada of battleships is located. There is one battleship of 4 squares, two cruisers of 3 squares, three destroyers of 2 squares, and four submarines of 1 square. Each ship occupies a number of contiguous squares on the grid, arranged either horizontally or vertically. The boats are placed so that no boat touches any other boat, not even diagonally.


The numbers on the bottom and on the right of the grid show how many squares in the corresponding rows and columns are occupied by ships. Occasionally some squares may contain given ship or water segments as hints to help start the puzzle. The object is to discover where all ships are located.


Cross+A can solve puzzles from 6 x 6 to 15 x 15.

Cross+A allows to solve the variations of Battleships puzzle, where the frequency of each type of ship differs from the normal distribution.

Battleships (variation)

In Digital Battleships all cells of the grid contain numbers. The values on the right and bottom edges of the grid reveal the sum of the numbers in each of the ship pieces that appear in each respective row or column.

Digital Battleships

Retrograde Battleships ("Reverse Battleships") contains all segments of the ships in the grid. The aim is to find the correct locations of the ships. No ship may touch another, even diagonally.

Retrograde Battleships