Spell Checking

Cross+A implements the spell checking engine Common Speller API (CSAPI) for spell checking. The CSAPI is designed for use with all Microsoft applications that include spell-checking. CSAPI is currently provided by many vendors and used by the Microsoft Office 97/2000 and many other applications. The CSAPI engine is not shipped as a part of Cross+A installation package, but if you have Microsoft Office installed, Cross+A will automatically detect the presence of CSAPI and uses it.

While in the window of description's editing, you can use the Spell Checker menu. Right-click on a highlighted word and a popup menu displays, allowing you to choose from a list of suggestions for the correct spelling of the word. Or, choose Add word to dictionary to add the word to the user dictionary. If there are no suggestions in the dictionary for the correct spelling of the misspelled word, no suggestions will be listed in the popup menu.

It is also possible to check the text using the Spell Checking dialog box (click the button Spell Checker or simply press F7). Below is the description of Spell Checking dialog box buttons:

A "User dictionary" is a file with a set of words in text form, it has the extension DIC. The main purpose of the user dictionary is allowing user to add custom words to it for spell checking. Microsoft Office 97/2000 holds the user dictionary here: c:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Proof\custom.dic.

Cross+A allows to define two languages for spell checking (check box Second Language). In this case the Spell Checking dialog box is disabled; you can use the Spell Checker menu only.

The program can use Hunspell (hunspell.github.io). Hunspell is the default spell checker of OpenOffice.org and Mozilla Firefox.

Spell checker dictionaries for Windows are available for download from the Cross+A website.