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The ability to segment letterstrings (words) in manageable particles is an important requirement for the successful learning process of spelling and reading. Segmenti supports the segmenting of German words in syllables or morphemes with educational games. It contains ten game modules and a reading module.


Segmenti Software Description (in German)

In Bestimme die Silbenzahl there are four levels to count the syllables. Optionally the word can be typed afterwards. In Trenne in Silben a random text from Grimms' fairy tales is selected for a game and each sentence has to be separated into syllables. In WortSuch words with selected roots are hidden in a grid filled with random letters. They have to be highlighted with the cursor. In Markiere den Wortstamm the awareness is focussed on the most important segment of a word by underlining the root. In Kurzer oder langer Stammvokal? the root vowel has to be selected and the length has to be defined, also in Stammvokal-Länge im Text bestimmen. In Wörter bauen words have to be build from most frequent segments. In Wörter nachbauen words must be rebuild by morphemes. In "Jumble" the letters of the root and in "Morphem-Mix" the morphemes are scrambled. In "Guess the root" an appropriate root has to be found and in "Capital or Small" the case of the first letter must be defined. There are other game options: "Memorize", "Halffont", "Guess Root Vowel", "Show Consonants", "Dictation", etc. In Morpho words have to be constructed from random morphemes. In Wortstämme einsetzen the missing roots must be written. The results of every game session can be recorded and analyzed by the special protocol module. This complex set of programs practises the awareness of word segments in an innovative way. The segmenting ability is the key for a successful word processing.

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