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Cross+A – smart, easy to use application that allows users to quickly solve multiple crossword, puzzle, word based games.

You just tried to take a rest and relax you brain; instead, you have broken the mood and gotten the feeling of "dumb me" or "dumb puzzle".
To the contrary, you can just use Cross+A and have all your best of all those "brain checks".



The purpose of Cross+A is to simplify the solution of crosswords, word-based puzzles, sudokus, nonograms, and other logic puzzles. Cross+A provides very flexible and powerful search tools. The user can search English words by known letters and descriptions, as well as find anagrams and word combinations.

This is a multilingual version of the popular Russian program Cross+A (Crosswords + Anagrams) by Sergey Kutasov and Ilya Morozov. It uses a dictionary of 159000 English words; part of them has descriptions. Users can add new words, delete and change descriptions, or copy words to the clipboard. Cross+A also includes:

  • the list of English proverbs and sayings;
  • the list of English synonyms and antonyms.

The lists of words for other languages are available for downloading.

Search modes:

  • Search by Letters
    Search word by known length and letters.
  • Anagram Search
    This mode has two special options:
  • "Descending" Search
    Search for all words that can be created from the text letters.
    For example, for the word option the program will find the word-list: point, piton, top, into, tip, etc.
  • "Ascending" Search
    Search for all words that include all letters of the text.
    For example, for the word element the program will find the word-list:
    settlement, development, experimental, acknowledgement, electromagnetism, etc.
  • Search by Description
    This search mode is used when some words in the target word description are known.
  • Search by Pattern
    Search with use of special wildcard characters.
  • Word-combination Search
    The program tries to create word-combinations using the text letters.
    For example: incredible = nice + bridle.
  • Telephone Number Search
    The program finds word equivalents for the telephone numbers. Telephone number digits are substituted by letters written on telephone set buttons.
    For example: 728-74-68 = PATRIOT.
  • Search by Syllables
    The program creates words using syllables from the user's list.
    For example: at,be,e,for = ate, beat, bee, before, fore.
  • Coupling Words Search
    Search for pairs of words where the first word ending is equal to the second word beginning.
    For example: ?????(gen)???? = PATHOGEN and GENESIS.
  • Trackword Search
    Search for words, which can be made by moving from letter to letter horizontally or vertically in the grid.
  • Cryptarithm
    Cryptarithm is an mathematical puzzle involving words where there is a one-to-one mapping between letters and digits that makes the arithmetic equation true.
    For example: MOTHER+FATHER=PARENT   =>   196753+286753=483506.
  • Word-chain Search
    Search for chains of words, where every word differs from its neighbours by one or few letters.
    For example: FLY - FAY - FAT - CAT.


Cross+A allows to solve and create many kinds of logic puzzles:

Sudoku Sudoku
9 x 9, 4 x 4, 6 x 6, 8 x 8, 10 x 10, 12 x 12, 15 x 15, 16 x 16, Sudoku X, Argyle Sudoku, Jigsaw Sudoku (Kikagaku Nanpure), Godoku (Wordoku), Asterisk Sudoku, Girandola, Center Dot, Windoku, Sudoku-DG, Anti-Knight Sudoku, Anti-King Sudoku, Anti Diagonal Sudoku, Killer Sudoku, Greater Than Sudoku, Even-Odd Sudoku, Consecutive Sudoku, Kropki Sudoku, Sukaku, Chain Sudoku, Frame Sudoku, Skyscraper Sudoku, Tripod Sudoku, Sudoku Mine, Sujiken, Sudoku XV, Outside Sudoku, Rossini Sudoku, Little Killer Sudoku, Vudoku, Sandwich Sudoku, Samurai Sudoku, Flower Sudoku, Sohei Sudoku, Kazaguruma, Butterfly Sudoku, Cross Sudoku, Gattai-3, Twodoku, Triple Doku, Twin Corresponding Sudoku, Hoshi, Star Sudoku, Tridoku.
Nonogram Nonogram ("Hanjie", "Griddler")
The program conatins a solver and a graphical editor for black-and-white and multicolored nonograms.
Kakuro Kakuro ("Cross Sums")
Hitori Hitori
Slitherlink Slitherlink
Link-a-Pix Link-a-Pix ("Paint by Pairs")
Fill-a-Pix Fill-a-Pix ("Mosaic")
Battleships Battleships
Hashiwokakero Hashiwokakero ("Bridges")
Masyu Masyu ("White Pearls and Black Pearls")
Light Up Light Up ("Akari")
Fillomino Fillomino
Futoshiki Futoshiki ("Unequal")
Kuromasu Kuromasu ("Where is Black Cells?")
Nurikabe Nurikabe ("Islands in the Stream")
Sashikabe Sashikabe
Yajikabe Yajikabe
Tents Tents ("Tents and Trees")
Calcudoku Calcudoku
Hidato Hidato ("Hidoku")
Numbrix Numbrix
Shikaku Shikaku ("Divide by Squares")
Galaxies Galaxies ("Tentai Show")
Skyscrapers Skyscrapers
Hakyuu Hakyuu ("Ripple Effect")
Grand Tour Grand Tour
Easy as ABC Easy as ABC ("ABC End View")
Clouds Clouds ("Radar")
Yajilin Yajilin ("Arrow Ring")
Minesweeper Minesweeper
Minesweeper Battleships Minesweeper Battleships ("Battlemines")
Heyawake Heyawake
Tenner Grid Tenner Grid ("From 1 to 10")
Hundred Hundred
Arrows Arrows
Mathrax Mathrax
Str8ts Str8ts
Linesweeper Linesweeper
Binairo Binairo ("Tohu wa Vohu")
Walls Walls
Dominosa Dominosa
Patchwork Patchwork ("Tatami")
Knossos Knossos
Rekuto Rekuto
Neighbours Neighbours
Four Winds Four Winds
Shakashaka Shakashaka
Kakurasu Kakurasu
Mochikoro Mochikoro
Seethrough Seethrough ("Doors")
Lighthouses Lighthouses
Lighthouse Battleships Lighthouse Battleships
Tapa Tapa
Fobidoshi Fobidoshi ("Forbidden Four")
Island Island ("Tents Island")
Dominion Dominion
Tren Tren
No Four in a Row No Four in a Row
Corral Corral
Foseruzu Foseruzu ("Four Cells")
Sutoreto Sutoreto ("Straight Cross")
Renban Renban
Buraitoraito Buraitoraito ("Bright Light")
Irasuto Irasuto ("Illustration")
Suguru Suguru ("Number Blocks")
Trinudo Trinudo
Creek Creek
Gappy Gappy
Norinori Norinori
Yonmasu Yonmasu
Bricks Bricks
Number Chain Number Chain
Kapetto Kapetto ("Set Carpets")
Renkatsu Renkatsu
Eulero Eulero
Anraikumozaiku Anraikumozaiku ("Unlike Mosaic")
Kurotto Kurotto
Tasukuea Tasukuea
Star Battle Star Battle
Araf Araf
Kabingurodo Kabingurodo ("Curving Road")
Thermometers Thermometers
Snake Snake
Peintoeria Peintoeria ("Paint Area")
Irupu Irupu ("I-Loop")
Sashigane Sashigane
Sashikazune Sashikazune
Chocona Chocona ("Chocolate")
Different Neighbours Different Neighbours
Nanbaboru Nanbaboru ("Number Ball")
Tairupeinto Tairupeinto ("Tile Paint")
Yin-Yang Yin-Yang
Nanro Nanro
Light and Shadow Light and Shadow
Arukone Arukone ("Number Link")
Tetroid Tetroid
Sukima Sukima ("Sukimaburokku")
Triplets Triplets
Korekutokonekuto Korekutokonekuto ("Correct Connection")
Doppelblock Doppelblock
Furisuri Furisuri ("Free Three")
Yagit Yagit
Purenrupu Purenrupu ("Pure Loop")
Firumatto Firumatto ("Fillmat")
Nawabari Nawabari
Makaro Makaro
Dosun-Fuwari Dosun-Fuwari
Satogaeri Satogaeri
Koburin Koburin
Sukrokuro Sukrokuro
Shirokuro Shirokuro
Roma Roma
Bodaburokku Bodaburokku ("Border Block")
Kuroshuto Kuroshuto
Toichika Toichika
Usotatami Usotatami
Pipelink Pipelink
Hakoiri Hakoiri
Nuribou Nuribou
Tatamibari Tatamibari
Sun and Moon Sun and Moon
Kojun Kojun
Usowan Usowan
Gokigen Naname Gokigen Naname
Hebi-Ichigo Hebi-Ichigo
Hamle Hamle
Gyokuseki Gyokuseki
Kin-Kon-Kan Kin-Kon-Kan
Ichimaga Ichimaga
Shimaguni Shimaguni
Meadows Meadows
Yajisan-Kazusan Yajisan-Kazusan
Snake Pit Snake Pit
Hiroimono Hiroimono
Water Fun Water Fun
Round Trip Round Trip
Number Cross Number Cross
Santoitchi Santoitchi ("Three and One")
Hamusando Hamusando ("Ham Sandwich")
Trace Numbers Trace Numbers
Area Division Area Division
Sukoro Sukoro
EntryExit EntryExit
Sign In Sign In
Kuroshiro Kuroshiro
Moonsun Moonsun ("Moon or Sun")
Rectslider Rectslider ("Rectangle-Slider")
Stostone Stostone ("Stone on Stone")
Kohi Gyunyu Kohi Gyunyu ("Coffee Milk")
Mirukuti Mirukuti ("Milk Tea")
Slash Pack Slash Pack
Nurimaze Nurimaze
Canal View Canal View
Country Road Country Road
Nondango Nondango
Mintonette Mintonette
Arrow Maze Arrow Maze
Arrow Web Arrow Web
Hanare Hanare
Oases Oases
Rabbits and Trees Rabbits and Trees ("Raitonanba")
Stars and Arrows Stars and Arrows
Kanjo Kanjo
Rukkuea Rukkuea ("Look-Air")
Golem Grad Golem Grad
Trilogy Trilogy
Grades Grades
Hukuwall Hukuwall
Nurimisaki Nurimisaki
Starry Night Starry Night
Douieru Douieru
Tetoron Tetoron
Sashikaku Sashikaku
Heki Heki
Castle Wall Castle Wall
Deddoanguru Deddoanguru ("Dead Angle")
Endorain Endorain ("End Line")
Nuraf Nuraf ("Araf Nurikabe")
Miti Miti
Arofuro Arofuro ("Arrow Flow")
Every Second Turn Every Second Turn
Mobiriti Mobiriti ("Mobility")
Mubunanba Mubunanba ("Move Number")
Terra X Terra X
Rimotoejji Rimotoejji ("Remote Edge")
Double Back Double Back
Wamuzu Wamuzu ("Worms")
Kaero Kaero
Kapama Kapama
Yunikumaka Yunikumaka ("Unique Marker")
Meandering Numbers Meandering Numbers
Yokibunkatsu Yokibunkatsu
Scrin Scrin ("Screen")
From 1 To X From 1 To X
Shingoki Shingoki
Stitches Stitches
Neibadomino Neibadomino ("Neighbour Domino")
Jemini Jemini
Double Choco Double Choco
Konarupu Konarupu ("Corner Loop")
Gaidoaro Gaidoaro ("Guide Arrow")
Mid-Loop Mid-Loop
Dotchi-Loop Dotchi-Loop
Trinairo Trinairo
Detour Detour
Balance Loop Balance Loop
Turf Turf
SquarO SquarO
Chiyotsui Chiyotsui
Aqre Aqre
Geradeweg Geradeweg
Kuroclone Kuroclone
Yajisan-Sokoban Yajisan-Sokoban
Line Segment Line Segment
Raneko Raneko
Factorism Factorism
Akiperago Akiperago ("Archipelago")
Yakazu Yakazu
Miraringutairu Miraringutairu ("Mirroring Tile")
Heyablock Heyablock
Choco Banana Choco Banana
Wataridori Wataridori
Chenburo Chenburo ("Chain Block")
Wanrumuwandoa Wanrumuwandoa ("One Room One Door")
Haisu Haisu
Obitaru Obitaru ("Orbital")
Square Jam Square Jam
Cocktail Lamp Cocktail Lamp ("Kakuteruranpu")
Kazoku Kazoku new!
Tontonbeya Tontonbeya new!
Context Context new!
Word Finder Word Finder
Nine Letters Nine Letters
Spider Web Spider Web
Maze Maze

Every week we update our Puzzle of the Week.
You may download the printable PDF of the puzzle and solve it. Good luck!